Tender Woman (English Sub) Completed

Tender Woman

Other name: Sa Jiao Nv Ren Zui Hao Ming; Women Who Flirt Have The Best Lives; Women Who Know How To Flirt Have The Best Lives; Women Who Know How to Flirt Are the Luckiest

Women who flirt are able to bring happiness to themselves and their family. Not only a good life, but people and animals around them are able to have a happy life. On the other end, if a women’s mouth is too harsh and dirty, it’s either the family breaking apart or they would be single all their life. If life is coffee, flirting is like sugar. If there’s too little sugar, it’ll be too bitter and if too much, it will make people uneasy. The world’s smartest women understands that you have to flirt to get something in return and understands that their own fate depends on their brain and mouth.


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Tender Woman

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