Midsummer is Full of Love (English Sub) Completed

Midsummer is Full of Love

Other name: Zhong Xia Man Tian Xin; 心动满屋; Xin Dong Man Wu; Full House; Midsummer is Full of Hearts

Luo Tian Ran is a fiercely independent and strong-minded young woman with a high sense of self-worth. Although she is tone-deaf, she dreams of making a splash in the music industry as a songwriter. However, due to some ill-fated interventions from a pair of her friends, she ends up having to move out of her house. Fate intervenes, and her path crosses with a pop superstar named Jin Ze Yi, who comes across as something of a spoiled brat. Despite his cold exterior, he is actually secretly childlike and needy. The duo is forced to live in the same house on a temporary basis. At first, it seems they will never see eye-to-eye, as their personalities are so very different. However, over time, Luo Tian Ran gradually falls for Jin Ze Yi’s charms – and the feeling becomes mutual. Could love bloom between this decidedly odd couple? ~~ Adapted from the manhwa “Full House” written by Soo Yon Won


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