Chocolate (English Sub) Ep 1 – 10


Other name: Chokolis; Chokolrit; Chokollit

Lee Kang grew up in a small seaside town, is a neurosurgeon, who once dreamed of becoming a chef. He looks cold-hearted, but, in fact, he hides his warm heart. When Moon Cha Young was a child, she met Lee Kang at a small restaurant in the seaside town. There, Lee Kang cooked and gave her a meal, which in part inspired her to become a world-famous chef. Many years later, the two meet again at a hospice ward and together they heal their own emotional scars by preparing meals for the patients there.


Chocolate Ep. 01

Chocolate Ep. 02

Chocolate Ep. 03

Chocolate Ep. 04

Chocolate Ep. 05

Chocolate Ep. 06

Chocolate Ep. 07

Chocolate Ep. 08

Chocolate Ep. 09

Chocolate Ep. 10

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