Cheat On Me, If You Can (English Sub) Completed

Cheat On Me

Other name: You Cheat, You Die; You’re Dead If You Cheat; If I Cheat, I Die; If You Cheat, You Die; Dare You Cheat On Me; Balampimyeonjugneunda; Barampimyeon Jookneunda; Barampimyeon Jukneunda

For her work, best-selling crime author Yeo Joo researches how to make a murder look like an accidental death. Next to her is her younger husband, Woo Sung, who is a family man and works as a divorce lawyer. Woo Sung still thinks he’s a sexy, attractive partner, and lives on with his wonderful marriage life. However, lately, Yeo Joo, who would rather be a widow than a divorcee, starts finding some of his behavior suspicious. Could he be cheating on her? Could Woo Sung possibly be enjoying a thrilling affair behind her back? Yeo Joo tells it straight: If he cheats, he will die.


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